A message of hope

Dear Students,

Everyone is keen to watch your best show. The stage is set for 13 April 2008. With filling up of the IIT-JEE form, you have moved in to grab the dream you have so long wished to realize. People say that an atmosphere of urgency will create an atmosphere of achievement. Be assured that your efforts all through have adequately prepared you to compete and win well. So maintain your calm.
The next three months will allow you to sharpen your examination winning skills. Those who have been faring well, should maintain same consistency without being complaisant. Few others, who are with low cumulative percentage and feel they are too far from their goal, need not feel dejected. Instead of pondering over the past, they should rather organize themselves, concentrate on topics they feel the preparation is only half as required, persistent efforts and a determination to perform can hold future for them. To some who feel they do not remember enough, need not develop unnecessary fears, we are able to recall what all we have learnt if we have been enough sincere.
The most important part of preparation for the examination is studying all the three subjects with equal attention. Look back over the topics you have learned in your classes, revise and practice answering to important questions you have marked in sheets and the DPPs. You would discover, the practice of solving DPPs in the classrooms one hour before starting of the classes is paying you rich dividends. You can revise your topics through old test papers also.
There is no need to feel examination pressure as all the tests at the institute have prepared you for the required examination temperament. You have learnt from each test. Fear of performance should not deter you at all as each test has been a learning exercise.
Replace negative statements with genuine positive statements. It will surely curb anxiety and bolster your sense of confidence. You would be at your target whether you are in R1, P1, S6, Q3 or U2. Everything becomes easier when you believe in your own potential. Trust me, all of us believe in your capabilities.
The new aspirants will find Resonance an ideal place to prepare for IIT-JEE if they have a burning desire within.

With your eyes fixed on your goals, you will get what you work for.

With best wishes for IIT-JEE 2008.

R.K. Verma

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