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It feels good at Stanford

We talked to Amrita Mittal, a student of Ist batch (2001-03) of Resonance. She is happily sharing her sweet success with Reso Students.

Amrita Mittal Reso Roll No. 112(F1) Session 2001-03 IIT-JEE rank-1757 B.Tech.-IIT Kanpur, 2007 Currently doing MS at Stanford University California (USA)

Q. What is required to get into IIT?

Ans. Focus on the goal is the pre-requisite to be successful in any exam. Specifically, hard work and sincerity was very important.

Q. How did you plan your preparation for IIT-JEE? Did you start studying from Day one itself?

Ans When I joined I had a tough time struggling with the competition. I used to study almost all the time & keep solving problems in the DPPs and sheets until I got to the right answer. But now I realize that was not a quality work. One should devote as much time as one needs on understanding the topic first. If you don’t understand that, you will have to struggle with every problem and that consumes more time. People name this struggling as “Practice” but practice comes after you have understood the topic.

Q. How much time did you devote daily for your preparation? How should one prepare the time table to cover the course properly?

Ans. I think it differs from person to person. Do your DPPs and sheets in time. I know they are tough therefore start doing them early, don’t wait for the deadline. Be well organized.

Q. How did you arrange for your subject wise preparation so that you were able to revise the whole syllabus after the course completion at Resonance?

Ans. For class 11, I did it during the one month holiday in March. I was more organized in 12th. I read regularly, that helped me a lot. I think the course gets over around December or January. We have ample time after that. I first revised the reading material, and then solved the DPPs and sheets again, then I solved a lot of problems from different books, at least the solved examples. Solved examples helped a lot. I had fixed 1 week for each subject .

Q. While preparing for IIT- JEE, where one should emphasis more – on problem solving or on understanding the subject?

Ans. Both are important but the order in which they should be done is: understanding the subject, take your time and then practice problems. If one reads everyday understanding a subject will be extremely easy.

Q. What were your strong points which enabled you to achieve success in the IIT – JEE?

Ans. I had to work hard to get into IIT. I always liked Maths. I was organized and stuck to my time table.

Q. How important is emotional quotient in preparation for IIT-JEE. Please explain?

Ans. I feel it is very important. If you feel you can’t do, you really can’t. Never give up.

Q. How often was a need of refreshing yourself in your study schedule for a day and what did you do?

Ans Breaks mean cooking for me. I generally cook when I get tired. I often take small naps, listen to songs etc. It’s important to remain composed. Talk to people but don’t let thoughts carry you away from your goal after that.

Q. To whom you want to give the credit of your achievement?

Ans. The credit goes to all my teachers, my parents and time. Teachers at Resonance built my academic base. Time taught me a lot. My parents contributed immensely. I am very close to my family. Parents always keep me going. They are with me when I do well or otherwise.

Q. What is your Success mantra?

Ans. I work in time and I am scared of deadlines. I stay away from them.

Q. Do you like to leave some advice to your successors at Resonance who are preparing for IIT-JEE?

Ans. Good Luck. My best wishes are with you. Ponder over what I said, if you think it’s important. Take care.

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