A message of hope

Dear Students,

Each of us is born with a unique genetic make up which provides us the basic template for our general response. This response is further modified by our own surrounding. You came with a specific purpose to prepare for IIT-JEE and got guidance from people who are known for their expertise in the field and practiced. The deciding moment of the target you have so long chased is on 13 April 2008 and holds a promise for all. You only require your knowledge, practice and self confidence to use judicially.

Stress levels of students during the critical situations are often on the rise, pressured as they are to perform superlatively, but once they keep in mind their preparation, the stress gets automatically managed. On the other hand, it generates new pathways and energies within the body to combat the situation effectively.

In the battle of IIT-JEE, I particularly wish to quote the words of a great General: “Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men”. Further in your battle, you are not alone but in your invincible team, you have God, your parents, your teachers & your hard labor on your side.

I am full of optimism that apart from the Class room preparation, the tips given to you during the motivation and counseling classes held at Resonance shall prove very useful.

At the same time, I also wish to welcome the new aspirants at Resonance. Seven years has been a good time for us to become an obvious choice for IIT-JEE training and it’s the right hour to become accessible to the students who look for support. We are soon opening Resonance own study centers at Delhi, Lucknow Kolkata and Nagpur. We would ensure that we live up to the faith of every one.

I will complete my message with words of one of our IIT- JEE 2007 selected student,

“The secret of my success is that whatever I do, I do it wholeheartedly”.

With best wishes and blessings from all of us.

R.K. Verma
B.Tech., IIT-Madras (1994)

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