Reso Reaper

Ankit Agarwal,Reso Roll No. 505598, IIT-JEE – All India Rank 33 (2007) IIT- Kanpur – Comp. Sc. Engg. Ankit Agarwal is happily sharing his sweet succes with Reso Students.

Q. What is required to get into IIT?
A. The most important thing to get into IIT is self confidence, which comes from your hard work as well as from smart work.

Q. How much time did you devote on an average for your preparation? What was your daily time table?
A. I don’t know the exact time that I devoted to my studies. Everyone has his own style of study. I had targets on daily basis and always work hard to fulfill them. I think everyone should make his own timetable that suits him. Equal time should be devoted to all the three subjects. There should be two timetables- long term and short term. Short term for the current course and long term for revision. You should solve every DPP and Sheets. Every good question in DPPs and Sheets should be marked for revision.

Q. What are the important topics for special attention?
A. Every topic is important. Some easy and important topics for me are as follows:-
Physics :- Magnetism, Optics, SHM, Waves, Modern Physics, Heat and Thermodynamics.
Maths :- Coordinate, Vectors, Definite integrals, Matrices/determenents, Chemistry : -Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry, Mole Concept, Salt Analysis, Rules in Inorganic Chemistry, Thermodynamics.

Q. Which books did you refer for clearing your doubts?
A. Any extra book is not required at all. The Resonance study material is self sufficient. Still, HCV for Physics and NCERT for Chemistry may be useful.

Q. How does one cope up with the school syllabus and preparation for the IIT-JEE?
A. If you are prepared for IIT-JEE, school syllabus will never be a problem. Only NCERT books are required.

Q. How many questions one should attempt to get into IIT? How tough would be the paper?
A. One should attempt the paper in three rounds. First he should attempt all question that he can easily answer in first go. In the second attempt he should go for slightly tough questions and then at last the questions which are really tough.

Q How did you plan the final revision of the whole syllabus of IIT-JEE in last very few days?
A. I had marked all important questions of DPPs and sheets that helped me a lot during revision. Except this I also solved last 10 years of JEE problems. For theory, I believe, class notes are sufficient.

Q While preparing at Resonance how did you evaluate your performance after each CT, APT & JPT?
A. After each test I used to mark questions that I had done wrong along with the reason of getting wrong answer. One should read the questions more carefully. Except that before going for the test you should see the types of silly mistakes you had done before and should try not to repeat them.

Q. What was your order of preparation – class notes, personal notes or DPPs? How did you utilize your study hours to get maximum coverage of syllabus?
A. According to me, you should not decide number of hours of studying; rather you should decide topics/DPPs, you want to cover in that day, according to your capabilities. My order of preparation was as follows:-
1- Class Notes just after the class.
2- DPPs to be discussed next day.
3- Sheets/books to be discussed next day.
4-See the notes for questions unable to solve and mark them.
5-If time permits revise old theory and Sheets.

Q. Give some tips for increasing one’s Productivity while Studying?
A. You can enjoy some music or take a walk for giving yourself a break. Chatting, orkuting, computer gaming should be avoided.

Q. To whom you wish to give the credit of your success?
A. Parents, obviously, contributed to a great extent. They are always the driving force for the hard work. Other than parents I think Resonance contributed a lot. The study material, guidance by teachers, various test.

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