A Message of hope

Dear Students,

Winning brings immense pleasure and happiness. It instills confidence and consolidates our position among the people we love to be with. The words of Mount Everest conqueror Bachendri pal are inspiring;” I don’t think I have conquered mountains; I’ve conquered weaknesses and fears with my practice and training.” winning is inspiration to work harder. It’s a responsibility because a winner gives hope to all those who share similar aspirations.

In IIT-JEE results on 30 May 08, Resonance hogged lime light and there is a winning smile on Resonites’ faces radiating the winner’s energy. From the various teaching programmes, Resonance contributes 1064 students in the list of successful 8652 students, which is striking as the overall success rate this year is 2.78% in IIT-JEE. From our list of selected students, 612 students come from the regular class room teaching programmes and 452 count from the distance learning programmes, registering 17 ranks in the top 100 students, 09 (18, 24, 42, 58, 77, 85, 92, 95, 100) are from regular class room coaching programmes and 08 students (05, 23, 33, 39, 49, 55, 76, and 94) from various distance learning programmes.

I appreciate the efforts of all the successful students. They have achieved their goal facing many hardships and their success reflects commitment and dedication with continued focus on their target staying away from their homes. The Resonance faculty members and the support from the administrative team have contributed significantly in their success. I would like to make a special mention of Jaipur and Bhopal study centers which have earned laurels as their students achieved remarkable success- 48 out of 240, and 8 out of 24 respectively. To our new students, my best advice is to be attentive during the lectures in the classrooms which prove most useful and the important points noted by them in the classroom shall help them most in meeting success.

The results are the mirror reflection of the competitive excellence originating from accumulation of merit and enterprise, involving sincere efforts and hard work. I expect all of you to essentially follow a winner’s road map to be successful in life. Winning is where is wholesome growth.

R K Verma

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