Hackers are actually good, pleasant and extremely intelligent people who could keep computer criminals on the run – Ankit Fadia

Ankit Fadia has conducted more than a 1000 different training sessions across 25 countries on various topics related to cyber security to an audience comprising of CEOs, CIOs, top level management, entrepreneurs, technical specialists, defense personnel and students. He has authored several books on computer security.

Ankit Fadia is a widely recognized computer security guru and Cyber terrorism expert. Ankit was born in India. He was educated at Delhi Public School. He is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Computer Science with specialization in Information Security at Stanford University, USA. He also used to conduct research and work on special projects at the global headquarters of Symantec Corporation at Cupertino, California, USA. He started a website called “HackingTruths”, which he claims was judged as the “second best hacking site in the world by the FBI”. He claims that when he was 14, he trashed the front page of an Indian magazine’s website. He then sent an e-mail to the editor confessing to the hack & suggesting counter measures.
At 15, his book on Ethical Hacking made him the youngest author to be published by Macmillan, the Indian arm of the United Kingdom-based publishing house. Macmillan also decided to buy his work and made him the youngest published author in Macmillan’s 110-year history.
Ankit Fadia says, ‘I realized that hacking was more of a thrill than playing computer games so I decided to learn more about it.’
Ankit Fadia is one of the many “ethical hackers” now employed by businesses all over the world to protect against terrorist attacks. In November 2001, Fadia was consulted by a classified intelligence agency for breaking an encrypted message sent by one of Osama Bin Laden’s men. Since then Fadia has been involved in numerous classified projects pertaining to International Security and Computer Networks. He handles the Asia Operations of the classified intelligence agency. With a strong belief in the integration of security and education, Fadia closely works with the School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University and San Jose State University and advises them on the design and structure of the course material of their computer security courses. He also offers a widely respected certification course on computer security titled Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker.
Right now, he warns biggest threat to individual privacy is from mobile phones hackers, According to Fadia somebody can clone your phone and make unlimited long distance phone calls? anybody can hack your cell-phones and access your data. They can do it – through bluetooth technology, infrared, SMS and MMS or using Internet via GPRS. There’s complete lack of awareness about installing anti-virus software protect mobile phones, Fact is, the mobile needs to be made secure,” adds Fadia.
Widely traveled, Fadia provides customized cyber security training and consulting solutions to clients all across Asia, Australia, North America and the Middle East including Google, Citibank, Shell, Volvo, Thai Airways, UOB Bank, PT Cisco Systems, Bank of Thailand, Bangkok Public bank, Amari Hostels, BlueScope Steel, Jumeirah International, Wipro, Singapore Health Promotion Board, Infosys, Satyam, Schering Ltd and many other organizations in the government, police and corporate sectors.
Ankit says My job is to chase illegal hackers. Cyber crime will only increase in the coming years, as we become more dependent on computers for work.
Recently Fadia started his own computer security consulting and training company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with operations all across the Asia Pacific region.
.In a world where the super-young are redefining super-success, Fadia’s success at such a small age makes a case in point.
“I believe in doing exciting and new things everybody. the ‘genius’ tag makes me want to experiment and out-do myself. Every morning, I wake up and think of ways to change the world. That’s when I do these extraordinary things. I try to dream big but real.”

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