‘Aaj Ka MLA’ Had A Tough Ride

‘Aaj Ka MLA’ Had A Tough Ride

Hard work, firm determination and hope amalgamated together and stirred thoroughly ignites a spark and hunger to achieve the greatest and this is best epitomized in none other than Hari Shankar Khatik, M.L.A. (Jatara assembly area, M.P.)
In Palera (Tikamgarh District, M.P.),Hari Shankar Khatik was born on December 10,1968 to a harijan family. He has seven siblings. His father was a farmer and earned his livelihood by working day in and day out on farms. His mother was a lady of high values and strong will and used to sell vegetables in the market.
Diminutive in stature and narrower in circumference, his childhood bore an indelible mark of stark poverty but even though he inherited the best of his mother and father and transformed himself in an iron man of hard work and strong will. He was the most persevering amongst the seven of his siblings. His inclination towards studies made him do persistent efforts in whatever time he got after helping his parents.
After completing his School education, he did his polytechnic from Naugaon Bapu College. He also got selected for Bachelor of Engineering in Bilaspur, but due personal reasons couldn’t pursue that. During his personal telephonic interview he clearly asserted that things somehow took shape according to his perceived notions by being selected in two different engineering colleges on the basis of his merit but destiny had some other plans for him and so finally he ended up doing diploma in civil engineering. He also admitted that from the very beginning he had a keen interest in politics.
He started his political career by being a member of Indian Students’ Association. He was then married and proved the world that he possessed not only the good qualities of a responsible son but also a caring husband. He left no stone unturned to lift his wife to the rank of the member of Municipal Corporation and Vice President Nagar Panchayat.
There was no looking back whence Mr. Kahik first raised himself to the position of the president of Nagar Panchyat and he then became the Member of Legislative Assembly (Kharagapur) under the reign of a powerful administrator Uma Bharti, who belongs to Bhartiya Janta Party. In 2003, he won the assembly elections at Sagar region by 27500 votes which was an unbeatable record and created a history.
Even after achieving success which was the result of his perennial hard work, he kept his life simple and down to earth. He believed and still believes that success is not material or overt or external but it is certainly covert and internal. Going through the different ordeals of life, he has imbibed from his own experiences that life is a roller coaster with upswings and downswings and so an individual should never forget his/her roots, values and principles with which he/she has been nurtured with.
His ability to think ahead of his present time and his craving to be associated with people gave him an edge as during the time of famine when the people of other areas were abandoning the famine stricken areas, people of his constituency did not do the same. He immediately took the corrective actions by distributing food and cloths. He also benefited rural children by raising the level of education from primary to secondary and senior secondary. He promoted girl education and also has to his credit, the construction of dam at Palera area, Madhya Pradesh.
He revolutionized the pathetic conditions of roads and electricity. Today, one of the reasons of Bundelkhand’s prosperity and managed state of affairs is suitable supply of electricity and proper construction of roads, whose major responsibility goes to Mr. Hari Shankar Khatik.
As a result of his quite visible efforts, he became the only candidate in the year 2008 to bag the only seat at Jatara (Tikamgarh) in the legislative assembly elections from Bhartiya Janta Party and was seen as the only ray of hope for the party and his efforts were recognized not only by the people of his constituency but by the people of other constituencies also like Jatara and he today is working as a State Minister Tribal Welfare Department.
Owing to his tangible contributions and sincerity, he is being seen as the strongest candidate for the fifteenth Lok Sabha Elections at Tikamgarh District.
At the end, his message to all youngsters can be summed up as follows:

“Courage my boys, Do not be afraid though thy path be dark as night, There is a star to guide the humble, Trust in God and do the right”.

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