Reso Reaper

Hemant Noval
Reso Roll No: 603843, IIT-JEE Year-2008
AIR – 24, Name of Institute: IIT Bombay
(B। Tech. Computer Science)

Q. What is required to get into IIT?

Ans: Firm determination, confidence, hard work and systematic preparation will get one into IIT. One should have all the above qualities to crack JEE.
Q. How much time did you devote on an average for your preparation? What was your daily time table? How did you divide your course in those hours of study?
Ans: It was not fixed as I used to go to school, but on holidays I used to study 8-12 hours. Daily timetable included revision of the class lectures, homework and reading from books for those topics which required special attention. Division of course depended on the particular topic being taught at that time, hard topics were given more time. Also I specially focused on practice and reading of topics which were my weakness.
Q. What are the important topics for special attention?
Ans: I would say Calculus in math requires special attention. Rotational dynamics and electrodynamics in Physics are important. Ionic equilibrium and quantitative analysis in chemistry should be properly studied.
Q. How does one cope up with the school syllabus and preparation for the IIT-JEE? Did you take extra efforts to prepare for board examination?
Ans: Boards should be taken seriously as they are also important for our career. In preparation for JEE, almost all the concepts and topics are covered which are in boards, so for boards one has to simply read the textbooks (say NCERT) and assimilate the main concepts. School exams can easily be taken if one has enough knowledge of JEE stuff. I used to study for the school exams also, mainly one day before and I studied exclusively for boards in the preparatory holidays for boards.
Q. How many questions one should attempt to get into IIT? How tough is the paper?
Ans: Number of questions to be attempted is not fixed; more focus should be on efficiency rather than attempting questions. It’s better to solve 60% questions with 100 % efficiency rather than attempting 80% questions with 25 % of them incorrect. The paper would be more conceptual rather than anything else, so if one’s concepts are strong the paper would appear normal. Moreover systematic study with complete knowledge will get one through the exam comfortably.
Q. Give some tips for increasing one’s productivity while studying? How did you refresh yourself from the hectic schedule?
Ans : Periodical breaks are necessary while studying as studying continuously results in decline of one’s efficiency and that is why one feels a further decline in the level of his/her concentration and that is the reason for taking periodical breaks by doing things which are a source of relaxation, for example listening music or playing something etc. While studying one should always remember one’s goal, which keeps one motivated throughout and also helps in maintaining concentration. I used to play cricket daily to keep myself refreshed and also used to listen music in my study breaks.
Q. What is your Success mantra? Give some advice to your successors at Resonance who are preparing for IIT-JEE?
Ans: My success mantra is confidence. I believed in myself and never lost confidence even in hard times and always tried to be calm and patient for my preparation. I would advice my juniors to stay cool and confident as anxiety and tension will make you go down. You should have faith in yourself and should remain refreshed throughout the preparation of JEE.
Q. While preparing at Resonance how did you evaluate your performance after each CT, APT & JPT?
Ans: I would first see which questions I had attempted wrong and accordingly I would take the corrective measures. The rank in the tests helped me to analyze my performance, that whether I had gained or lost and always tried to maintain a good rank. I used to judge whether I performed according to my level or not, or the so called silly mistakes had decreased. I also used to focus a lot on those questions which were difficult and used to work upon them to improve those particular topics for future exams.
Q. What was your first reaction after giving the IIT-JEE examination? Which topic did you think should have been given more importance for the increase in your percentage or performance in the JEE?
Ans: I was quite happy after giving JEE paper because nothing unusual happened during the course of the exam. I think if I would have focused more on Calculus then I could have scored more.
Q. Whom do you wish to give the credit of your success? To what extent did your family contribute in your success?
Ans: The credit of my success goes to God, my parents, my brother and my grandfather, who is not with us anymore. My faculty members and my hard work also played a great role in my success. Support and confidence of family is also important because that keeps one refreshed and motivated throughout the period of preparation. My stay with my family during my preparation for IIT-JEE helped me a lot in my preparation.

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