A message of hope

With the increasing awareness and quite a dominant role of media both electronic and print, there is so much buzz about social security and need for recognition in the society of the contemporary world. From childhood to adolescence to an adult, a human being passes through many stages, which are also known as cyclic needs, beginning from physiological to safety to social to esteem and finally to self–actualization. Esteem needs, which are a way to self–actualization, are only fulfilled, when one fights the competition and stands out as a winner and one such competition is cracking IIT–JEE as it bestows on an individual immense glory and tremendous recognition. The path leading to self–actualization is full of challenges and cut throat competitions. We at Resonance have made our dear students love challenges and have moved heaven and earth to make them diehard fans of competition.
This year’s IIT–JEE will be conducted on April 12, 2009, offering my dear students plethora of golden opportunities by once cracking JEE and entering the portals of Indian Institutes of Technology. Continual revision and practice accompanied with meticulous planning, organization and then execution will certainly give them an edge. Students should definitely count on their Class Notes, DPPs & Sheets as they are the best revision tools and also on their teachers, who acted as mentors at every step, by following and acting on their guru mantras. Combined hard work of both, students and Resonance will positively bring in loads of colors in the lives of students, both appearing for IIT – JEE and entering the doors of Resonance.
The new aspirants, who have believed in Resonance, will undoubtedly find Resonance an ideal place to accomplish their dreams and achieve the stunning success in a blinking of an eye provided the required efforts go in for the preparation for IIT–JEE as undertaken by their successful predecessors.
Resonance has grown enormously in just 8 years recording an enviable 3655 selections (2486 from class room and 1169 from Distance Learning Programmes) from 2002 to 2008. We without doubt look forward to achieve more with the implementation of curriculum prepared under the rigors of Research and Development Department making the curriculum latest and at par with JEE paper pattern with your support and persistent labor in making the curriculum effective. Resonance has now spread out at different places of the country maintaining similar provisions, data and teaching methodology, to make it easier for IIT aspirants.
At the end I would like to quote few words of inspiration by Robert Frost for my old and new students-
“Woods are lovely
Dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep”.

R K verma

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