IIT – Delhi Alumnus At Resonance

Naveen Verma (NV Sir)
B. Tech. (Year of Passing) : 2002
Branch: Mechanical Engineering
IIT: IIT- Delhi


Q.1 What inspired you for IITs?
I could obtain the information about JEE examination through my close friends. Knowing about IIT as a gateway to prestige, recognition and a good life made me keenly inclined towards appearing in JEE. I also was a voracious reader from the beginning and this also contributed to my inclination towards        IIT – JEE.
Q.2 What sort of qualities one must possess to get into IITs?
The key words according to me for cracking  IIT-JEE are sincerity and hard work. An industrious and laborious student is bound to crack JEE until and unless he doesn’t shun his persistent efforts in the mid – way. With this attitude a student with average intelligence can also emerge successful in JEE. Other than this, another factor which is significantly important is having faith in oneself to achieve one’s lofty goals. One must trust oneself wholeheartedly to smoothly tread the way to IITs.
Q.3 What is the distinguishing factor of IIT Delhi which makes it different from the other IITs?
IIT Delhi is highly research oriented college. Being situated in NCR region, students can easily avail ample of opportunities to interact with industries and can suitably amalgamate practical with theory and can learn enormously. Another distinguishing factor is the extracurricular activities which are periodically held and are to a great extent responsible for grooming a student holistically.
Q.4 Throw some light on your best moments pertaining to studies at IIT Delhi?
Tremendous exposure, exceptional grooming and a competitive environment certainly has made me a different person altogether. IIT Delhi gave me an opportunity to come closer to different cultures and that too in the close proximity of the campus itself. This motivated me to undertake other valuable courses besides my routine studies. I pursued some courses which were related to psychology, management and rural development. A fine blend of engineering with other courses gave me an edge and made me multitasking.
I also remained vice captain of IIT Delhi weight lifting team and participated in several inter IIT championships. I was also awarded for the best contribution in Hostel management. Night outs and night messing are some unforgettable moments of my life at IIT Delhi.
Q.5 Tell something about the campus and the Infrastructure facility at IIT-Delhi.
IIT Delhi has comparatively small but a well managed and a fully equipped campus. It is situated in a posh area of Delhi. College and Hostel are at a walkable distance. Hostels are fully furnished with all modern facilities. Every hostel has its own computer room which is outfitted with net connections in each room. Each hostel also has a library, T.T. room and a gym. College library and reading rooms are open all the seven days for 24 hours. IBM research centre at IIT Delhi campus is a distinctive feature.
To break the monotony, students are made to enjoy through periodical cultural events and in some of the events, students from other colleges also participate.
Q.6 How different is the study pattern at IIT Delhi in comparison to other IITs.
IIT Delhi offers a wide range of courses ranging from industrial to rural development to humanities. Most of the courses that I pursued were ‘open book’ and ‘open notes’ examination. IIT Delhi also offers self study courses. Seminars are held on regular basis to keep students abreast with different courses and their utility. Students get several of opportunities to do different courses from different departments at IIT Delhi. IIT Delhi not only develops the students through industrial tours but also make them independent economically by offering them summer jobs. IIT Delhi is actually a gate way to a strong and a complete personality.
Q.7  How has your teaching experience been with the students preparing for IIT-JEE at Resonance?
A highly conducive environment of self motivated and hard working students makes studies a great pleasure. I consider teaching as sharing of knowledge with each other and in this mode it is not only me who has imparted but students too have contributed to my learning by their eagerness and curiosity to know more & more. I have also learnt from my fellow faculty members. I always believe in a role of a friend, philosopher and guide as this role is the mantra to improve teacher – student relationship. And assuming this role I can certainly make my students grow and learn more.
Q.8 What suggestions will you like to give to the students preparing for IIT-JEE at Resonance to increase their productivity?
There is no substitute for continuous hard work and perennial efforts for cracking IIT-JEE. Students should religiously do their daily home work and maintain a separate note book for the same. They should try to attempt all the questions at home and if they are not able to do, they shouldn’t get depressed or demotivated as they should remember that continuous practice will help them improving their rank and learning skill. Students also should not hesitate in asking doubts and should study in a planned way to pay equal attention and time to all the subjects to improve their overall rank in JEE.

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