ResoNITEs spread their wings… [ Student of Resonance in a strategic corporate role ]

Hitesh Jain
(Batch: 2002 | AIR: 1124)
Senior Software engineer
Kirusa Software Company

Mr. Hitesh says, “Resonance has always been a great asset of my life as I was able to crack IIT-JEE with crystal clear concepts which were taught in an absolutely meticulous way by highly qualified engineers and some of them being IITians themselves. If in class room one pays adequate attention then one needs to study 4-5 hours at home daily. Nice songs from Mr. R.K.Verma used to be highly motivating and the entire credit of my selection in the IIT-JEE 2002 goes to Resonance”.
There after he joined IIT Guwahati and passed out in April 2006. He took his first job with Kirusa Software. Today he is quite well established and well settled in his job.
IT industry is one of the biggest industries which play quite a dominant role in Indian Economy and Mr. Hitesh is certainly a value addition to this industry. He is a senior software engineer and handles the design and development of the core product. His primary responsibilities are to come up with the design after reading the functional specs of the new feature to be incorporated in the product, and then split the different modules among the team members to be executed. He takes care of the full software life cycle.
At Kirusa, His innovative mind and charismatic personality helped him develop a small module which helps to keep track of the various error conditions that can come up during production. It also helps to fix the problem quickly and avoid the loss of revenue because of network errors. He proved instrumental for this project which provides the different medium or way to use the product and it has increased the revenue and traffic to five times.
A person with a go  getter attitude and a practical bent of mind proved himself by undertaking his summer training at Spain just after the completion of his III year in IIT Guwahati. He was there for three months. He utilized his three months maximally to upgrade his knowledge and skills and fine tuned himself to the nitty-gritty’s of the industrial requirements.

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