Reso Reaper

Saurabh Agrawal
Reso Roll No: 503364, IIT-JEE Year-2008 | AIR – 92, Name of Institute: IIT Kanpur (B.Tech, Computer Science and Engg.)

Q1. What is required to get into IIT?

Instead of Hard Work, WORK with smartness is required to get into IIT. Self Confidence is the most important stuff which comes from your work.

Q2. How much time did you devote on an average for your preparation? What was your daily time table? How did you divide your course in those hours of study?
Division of time for studies depends on an individual. For me there was no such fixed schedule. I paid more attention to keep myself fully updated and equipped with the allotted work and used to prepare thoroughly for next class discussion.
First of all Daily Practice Problems which were to be discussed on the next day then class notes, after that sheets and then revised old things if time permitted.
I nearly did all the assignments, given in the class and read class notes daily of all the three subjects on the alternate basis. If I had to divide 100 minutes of revision after completing assignments and notes then I divided it in the following way:  Physics: 30 min, Chemistry: 40 min , Maths: 30 min
Q3. What are the important topics for special attention?
As such all the topics are essential to be learnt but some important and scoring topics according to me are:
Physics: Electrodynamics, Rigid body Dynamics.
Chemistry: Salt Analysis, Ionic Equilibrium. Maths: Calculus, Co-ordinate Geometry .
Physics: Waves, Heat, Optics.
Chemistry: Organic Chemistry, Thermodynamics.
Maths: P&C, Vectors.
Q4. How does one cope up with the school syllabus and preparation for IIT-JEE? Did you take extra efforts to prepare for board examination?
I have been a part of resonance as a fresher and as well as a repeater. While a fresher, I attended school mainly for doing experiments and to be in touch with the school activities. Due to Resonance, I was able to cover up my syllabus of IIT-JEE, which made it quite easy for me to cover up the remaining portion of the board syllabus. I dealt with that remaining portion during examinations only and I also consulted text books.
Q5. How many questions should an individual attempt to get into IITs? How tough is the paper?
Number of questions that are to be attempted is not fixed. It is always better to attempt fewer questions but accurately and efficiently rather than attempting all the questions with lot of errors.
Q6. Give some tips for increasing one’s efficiency while studying? How did you refresh yourself from the hectic schedule?
I always used to sleep for 8 hours i.e. I want to say that a good and a sound sleep always increases one’s efficiency. Take a complete diet, always remain free from unnecessary tensions like that of hunger etc. Have a short sitting at a time (short doesn’t mean 50 minutes), I want to say that one should study effectively with concentration, whenever you feel that you are not being able to give your best, just stop studying and rest for a while. While studying, concentrate only on studies with a focused mind. My advice to increase efficiency during examination is that one should develop the practice of sitting for 200 minutes at a time. In order to refresh myself, I used to listen to songs and go for a walk.
Q7. What is your Success mantra? Give some advice to your successors at Resonance who are preparing for IIT-JEE?
I normally completed the work given by my faculty members in time. I used to revise the problems, which I failed to do in the first attempt, just after the class. I usually restrained from negative thinking. I believe that CONFIDENCE is the biggest factor that leads you to success.
Have faith in yourself and on the institute as well, whatever is being taught is well furnished and sufficient. Don’t try to look out for more stuff from various sources; this act merely results in wastage of time. Just study regularly and don’t care about the result. Result will surely be good provided one persistently works.
Q8. While preparing at Resonance how did you evaluate your performance after each CT, APT & JPT?
After each and every test, I used to mark out my mistakes along with the reason and also used to analyze the silly mistakes. According to me, PTs proved more useful because they gave me a complete feel of the topics covered by my faculty members and helped me in finding out my weak points. CTs were very helpful in keeping touch with the topics discussed earlier in the course. I considered JPTs as the replica of JEE.
Q9. What was your first reaction after giving the IIT-JEE examination? Which topic did you think should have been given more importance for the increase in your percentage or performance in JEE?
After the exam, I had a gala time, enjoying with my friends. During and after the exam, my condition was the same as that in any periodic test of Resonance. I think if I would have given more importance to inorganic chemistry than I could have performed better.
Q10. Whom do you wish to give the credit of your success? To what extent did your family contribute in your success?
My Parents, GOD, MYSELF, my friends (special thanks to RPM & RM), Faculty members, Team Resonance, my Grandparents, my Brothers, my well wishers and the most important people are my CRITICS, because of whom I was able to achieve my goal. My parents contributed immensely. Whenever I lost focus, confidence, or got trapped in a “what to do” type situations, I always found my parents helping me out. My Father is my backbone.

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