Success like a blue streak has become a tradition at Resonance

When dreams are realized and turned into reality, the joy it emits out is remarkable and unfathomable. The enriching history of Resonance reveals the parampara of inevitable success which has flowed down from one sibling to another and has become a trend setter which is clearly evident from the below mentioned facts.


The sense of satiety and tremendous happiness on the countenances of Anvit Singh Tawar’s parents made the entire environment spell bound and by going in the retrospective,  Dr. Devendra Singh Tawar (Anvit’s father),who is a doctor by profession, traced the success journey of his sons, Ankit and Anvit and pronounced loud the hand which immensely contributed in the success saga of their entire family by making them feel proud parents and that name was none other than Resonance. He stated that Ankit Tawar procured All India Rank 3569 in the year 2005 and subsequently joined IIT Kharagpur and completed his M.Sc in Integrated Economics. He then with proud said that he did not have any apprehensions about getting his second son Anvit associated with Resonance again and lo! Resonance proved itself again by repeating the triumph of his elder son as his second son Anvit fetched an outstanding All India Rank 9 and not only earned the name and fame for his family but for Resonance as well.  Mr. and Mrs. Tawar were honored by Mr. R.K. Verma, Managing Director, Resonance, with a shawl and a memento of Goddess Saraswati.


The grandparents of Vaibhav Gupta, who achieved All India Rank 54 in 2009, knew no bounds of joy when their grandson was being felicitated by the chief guest, Ajay Goyal. The parents of Vaibhav Gupta expressed their gratefulness for Resonance and its faculty members without whom their sons couldn’t have been the individuals with a difference. According to them Resonance not only contributed in the success of Vaibhav but also in the success of his elder brother Gaurav Gupta,  when he secured All India Rank 564 in the year 2007. He passed out from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras with B.Tech in Electrical and Micro Electronics. Vaibhav’s father, Mr. Dinesh Gupta, is an Assistant Manager in the bank of Rajasthan. Vaibhav’s grandparents and parents were honored with a shawl and a memento of Goddess Saraswati by Mr. R.K.Verma.


The milieu at VICTORY (the felicitation function for IIT-JEE qualified students 2009) became more inspiring as it was blessed by the presence of grandparents and parents of 2009 JEE qualified students. Mr. and Mrs. Tiwari also cherished their precious memories of the victory of their two daughters and one son (all are the students of Resonance) as all of them emerged victorious in cracking JEE and subsequently entering IITs. Their elder son, Gaurav Tiwari, passed out in the year 2003 from Resonance with All India Rank 742 and then entered the portals of IIT Kharagpur. Garima Tiwari passed out in the year 2006 from Resonance with All India Rank 896 and then joined IIT Mumbai. Purvi Tiwari, following the victorious trajectory of her siblings attained All India Rank 7885 in 2009. Mr. Tiwari and his father, who also remained the former principal of govt. school,  Ramganjmandi,  from where Mr. R.K. Verma also did his schooling, were honored with a shawl and a memento of Goddess Saraswati. They also mentioned that Resonance and its faculty members were pivotal in bringing, to their family, the incredible happiness and a sense of achievement to see all their three children as IITians.


No boundaries, no constraints, no limitations can stop a heart so pure and a mind so focused to emerge successful in achieving the unconquerable dreams. And it did happen with Puneet and Manik Jindal who migrated to Kota from Punjab with their father Mr. Surendra Kumar Jindal, a businessman.  Mr. and Mrs. Jindal were honoured by Mr. R.K.Verma with a shawl and a memento of Goddess Saraswati. Mr. Surendra Kumar articulated his heart-felt gratitude for Resonance as it proved to be a significant contributor in the success of his children. He said that he holds Resonance in high esteem as it made his family’s dream come true. Puneet Jindal cracked IIT-JEE 2006 with All India Rank of 910. He then went to IIT-Guwahati and took the branch of Computer Science. Manik Jindal, following the footsteps of his elder brother cracked JEE 2009 with All India Rank 2164.

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