Guru’s Grace alone is the ultimate key for over-all progress of a disciple!

The syllable ‘gu’ of the word ‘Guru’ means darkness &  the syllable ‘ru’  means light. Thus, Guru is the great one who takes a disciple from darkness (ignorance) to enlightenment (True Knowledge).” -Lord Shiva in Shri Guru Gita.
Faith, conviction and blind trust in Guru leads a disciple to the path of success and Aaruni is the vestige of that blind conviction stirred with strong bonding with his Guru.
There was a Rishi called Aayod Dhaumya in the ancient India. Many disciples (or students) used to stay in his clean & pure Ashram (school). One of them was Aaruni, very polite, good at serving & helping others & enthusiast in following the commands of Gurudev.
Once it was raining very heavily. Guruji sent Aaruni to take care of the farms of the ashram. Aaruni went & saw that water had partially ruined the boundaries of the farm & was rapidly flowing out of the farm. Soon it would destroy the complete boundary & the whole of water would flow out.
Aaruni made brave efforts. He quickly started putting lots of mud on the broken boundary. But the turbulence of water would wash away all the mud. At last Aaruni himself lay on the broken boundary to stop the flow of water. His body was able to resist the flow of water and he kept lying in the cold water for the whole of night. Thus he took full care of the farm. In the morning, all the disciples went to bow to Guruji but Aaruni was no where to be found. Gurudev went towards the farm with other disciples in search of Aaruni. “Aaruni! Aaruni… !!”
Aaruni heard the voice of Guruji. His body was shivering due to cold & his voice was suppressed. Even then he got up & bowed to his Guru and said, “at your humble service, Gurudev”. Guru Aayod Dhaumya’s heart was overwhelmed with joy.
Seeing the dedication of the disciple, his heart was overflowing with divine blessings. Lighting the candle of knowledge in the heart of Aaruni he said, “Son! You shall become an expert in all Shastra even without studying.”
By having true dedication towards Guru, the knowledge of Shastra started developing in the mind of Aaruni on its own. Guru named him Udyalak. Great is the devotion of Aaruni towards Gurudev!
Guru’s walking becomes the way. There is no path apart from it. Either the shishya stands by the side of guru or he loses the path also. Either you move forward or be suspended. A cloud carries the life giving essence from the seas over great distances to thirsty souls who should perish without it; just like a cloud has the power to transform the undrinkable saline content of the sea into sweet waters fit for the consumption of living beings, similarly the faculty members of Resonance are incessantly on their way to groom the students to make them a complete package of hard work, principles, ethics and intelligence. The ‘guru-shishya padhati’ has always been laid stress on to inculcate the vibrations so strong which emits out radiance and positivity in every JEE aspirant to make him/her a true Sadhaka, ready to serve the country with a contemporary approach.

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