Shubhra Saxena – Impossible only means trying a lot harder

When the thoughts, unswerving, are rendered straight and when their quality and texture thus change, we shall come to notice that our actions gather a new glow of perfection, a charm of brilliancy। When the actions are more glorious, as a member of a competitive community, our life becomes more productive, carrying with it always the sure insignia of success and achievement and one such example is of Shubhra Saxena, a persona who left the abode of wealth (IT professional) to serve humanity with heart so pure and vision so clear।

It was woman power all the way in the civil services (main) examination 2008, as they took the top three positions in one of the toughest competitive exams in the country, Shubhra Saxena, a graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, and Sharandeep Kaur Brar, a post-graduate from Punjab University, were ranked first and second in the civil services (main) examination 2008 conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Another woman, Kiran Kaushal was ranked third.

After discovering the secret energy and dynamism within herself, Shubhra Saxena properly organized and channelized the play of this energy to satiate the urge to serve the country’s rural population and that made 30-year-old Shubhra Saxena to quit her well-paid IT job to prepare for civil service examinations.
“It is a very good feeling. Every person achieves victory at his/her own pace,” an elated Saxena said,
Born in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareli, Saxena had most of her education in Jharkhand. She gives full credit of her success to her well groomed parenting, schooling and her over all academics as all of these factors contributed in preparing a strong base, besides equipping her with a competitive zeal.
She also attributed her feat to her “loving” parents and husband, Shashank Gupta, in-laws for her roaring success saying they “were very much supportive when I expressed my desire to appear for civil services.”
A software engineer and an alumnus of IIT-Roorkee, said that she quitted her well-paid IT job as she always had an urge to serve the rural population, who are deprived of even basic facilities such as education and drinking water. She is desirous of bringing change in the existing bureaucratic system, by administration reaching out to the people instead of people approaching the administration, believing, only then an effective governance can be established.
Once we undertake a great and noble work, we are already set on the grand road leading to its total realization soon, in complete success. All spectacular successes were achieved in little courageous steps taken with self confidence and faith in the nobility of the final goal chosen and Shubhra completely believed in her with a commitment to serve humanity and to transform the system to generate fruitful output in favor of people at large.
Describing Shubhra as “hard working” and “sincere” girl since childhood, Kamna (Shubhra’s mother) said “Shubhra was always a topper as she secured the highest rank in school finals from DAV (Ranchi zone). After completing plus two, she was selected in all the competitive examinations that she took for engineering entrance”. Kamna also gave credit to Shubhra’s “cooperating in-laws” for allowing her to continue with her studies.
Kamna lived at Noida when Shubhra was preparing to crack the UPSC for the last couple of years; she was with her husband when the results were finally declared. Her husband extended unflinching support and stayed with her for months at Delhi to encourage her.
Shubhra’s father, Ashok Chandra, superintending engineer, with the Central Coalfields Limited’s Dhori Project, said Shubhra made them proud by becoming the only women from the family to qualify for the civil services examination.
“We have had a wing commander, doctors, engineers and even civil servants in the family but she is the only woman to reach this high standard of performance,” he said. Chandra always believed in making the foundation of education strong and solid so even being posted in a colliery region, he tried to give his children the best available option.
Eldest among three siblings, Shubhra also guided her brother and sister in their higher studies. Both of them are now engineers.

Shubhra devoted her heart and soul and worked for an average of eight hours a day and 10-12 hours during examinations. “I always had faith in myself… so I won. Once a person understands the concept it is very easy to crack the exam. And more important is the ability to believe in yourself,” she said.

Self growth is one of the paramount responsibilities of every one of us and one must like Shubhra, constantly strive to grow and find therein fresh abilities to serve the world.

“Pure, We Must Be.
Sincere, We Must Become.
Earnestness, We Must Befriend.
Dedicated Living, We Must Bequeath.”

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