A Ride for Pride

“Within the depths of our soul, there is a place for eternal peace, where our eternal slaves exist beyond the births and deaths, the unions and separations, the gains and losses of the world.”

If we can make room for ourselves there then we really live and that state of eternal bliss is only achieved when one’s physiological needs gradually precipitate into self actualization and with Rakesh Bunkar this journey started much early. Bunkar’s courage took him from the levels of mediocrity and internal turbulence to the state of realizing his esteem needs where he finds himself at rest now after being brutally bruised and battered emotionally & psychologically.
It is said that every adversity brings in certain opportunities. This stands true for Bunkar as well, as he fought against all oddities and imbibed new lessons from his struggle. And hence, in an endeavor to ride the storm, he implemented the leanings derived into action to ensure smooth road ahead.
Rakesh Bunkar, who was a student at Resonance, hails from Rawatbhata, a small town near Kota (Rajasthan). Surrounded by all miseries and buried in the colossal debt of hunger and survival for livelihood, Bunkar lived in the shoddy streets of basti in Rawatbhata with his parents. Managing two squares a meal every day was a Herculean task for his parents, Shivlal & Durga Bunkar, who till date consider themselves blessed if they are able to arrange a loaf of bread for morning and evening by working on daily wages with a private construction contractor and by working as a maid, who washes dishes respectively. The shabby streets, the piquant milieu and the malicious company of so called chums of  the kacchhi basti,   made Bunkar realize that this has put on him an indelible mark of being puny and worthless by the so called ‘reputed class’ of society and these feelings became stronger when he got the same repugnant treatment from his teachers of government school at Rawatbhata as well.
He then took an oath from himself of studying harder then ever; by not letting the malevolent association of his pals affect him and thought of being self dependent. He started selling vegetables in the weekly vegetable Haat Bazaar to remove his pecuniary and help his parents as well and he did this for 4 years (from grade VIII to grade XII).
Rakesh, who thrice played table tennis at the state level representing his government school, faced a number of problems in paying the fees of the government school where he studied till grade XII.
Just like from a nebula, a cloud of gas drifts about in space, Bunkar slowly emerged to see himself as an IITian.
With the help of some acquaintances of his friends he was able to know about a prestigious career of engineering at IITs. And for the same he approached Resonance. Conducive environment and rigorous efforts planned with meticulous methodology clubbed with Bunkar’s invincible conviction and unshakable determination made his dreams come true.
Just like other students who come from places; enticing, enthralling, free & frolicking world of Epicureanism could have been a great hindrance and a cause of deviation for Bunkar but his adamantine belief to soar higher to achieve his lofty goals and his blind faith in his faculty members took him to cosmic process of continuity and progress.
With will strong and confidence within he finds himself in the Indian Institute of Technology  Guwahati. He, today unfailing gives credit to his parents & Resonance as it provided him free of cost coaching and he believes that it was the turning point of his life.
He cleared his JEE in the year 2008 with AIR 443 (SC Category). Today he is a second year student, pursuing his B.Tech in mechanical engineering. His outstanding success was publicized by ‘Hindustan Times’ and by Bhaskar and ‘Patrika’ in 2008 in a form of short interviews so that it can become a tremendous source of motivation and inspiration for the youngsters.
Till date he feels that entering the portals of IIT-Guwahati is the ‘winning the princess’ situation for him and he is very happy as IITs not only make an individual versatile but also scientifically develop one’s mental faculty and makes one competent to face the fast moving world.
Bunkar has set an example that nothing is impossible provided one has will strong and determination unshakable.

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  1. I’m so glad to have found your web page. My pal mentioned it to me before, yet never got around to checking it out until now. I must express, I’m floored. I really enjoyed reading through your posts and will absolutely be back to get more.


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