Mobiporter – An IITian’s dream venture

A man must know his real  identity if  he desires to  maintain a proper and healthy relationship with the world at large. Every human being is constituted of physical, mental and intellectual equipment and the conscious principle, which lends sentience to this equipment. Human development culminates in finding one’s identity with the conscious principle- the spiritual core of one’s personality.
The spiritual core can be reached when an individual capitalizes on his unbridled thoughts by putting them together and generating a spark within to create a world with difference. ‘Idea’ revolutionizes the world but what is most important is its sincere and committed execution with a firm faith within and this is what made a small town boy, Deepak Singh Rathore, a man with a difference. He never thought he would become an entrepreneur one day. However, as a kid, he always loved to experiment with new things and learn more.
Love for mathematics and engineering brought him to the country’s best institution: the Indian Institute of Technology. He sailed through the tough IIT-JEE entrance examination. Deepak was among the first 100 to get selected to the IIT. It was the turning point in his life. “IIT was an eye-opener, a window to the world,” Deepak gushes. Physical body is the grossest aspect but the mind is the subtler equipment and the intellect, the subtlest of the three. The three together constitute matter which by itself is inert and insentient. The Consciousness is the spirit, which propelled, motivated and caused this equipment to function for Deepak.
After graduating from the IIT, Deepak wanted to start his own company but there were too many hurdles, including his own parents & family, so he had to give up. He took up a job, but four years later, he quitted. The ignited spark in him always gave him the required ignition to follow his conviction to start up his own venture. But eventually in 2008, he co-founded Mobiporter Solutions, a mobile and IT solutions company, along with his friends Chetan Kumar and Dheeraj Jain.
We started with our meagre savings of about Rs 10 lakh (Rs 1 million) for this dream project, says Deepak.
In a year’s time they managed to breakeven. With the rise in mobile application business, the demand for products developed by Mobiporter zoomed. Crossing milestones patiently, in five years, Deepak hopes to garner huge revenues and employ over 1,000 people.

One may miss on detailing or some key strategies but if one misses on one’s faith then chances are rare for being successful. The rule is simple: if you can’t dine with your own thought, you can’t lead and if you can’t lead, you can’t succeed.

“Money is not my prime focus. We plan to build cost-effective WAP solutions for travel, entertainment, media, IT, retail and advertising sectors. My profit in five years would exceed Rs 40 crore (Rs 400 million) if things work out as planned,” Deepak says confidently.


Work is the biggest passion for this 27-year-old. An avid biker and a guitarist, Deepak enjoys every moment of fulfilling his dream.


“The mobile phone will be the most exclusive device to make major technological advances as it is most used gadget across all segments of people,” Deepak explains.
Does he have any fears? “Initially, I used to be scared, but I realized it is worth all the risks and am living life to the fullest. We have created many applications with scarce resources, there is no limit to what we can achieve once we have the finance, infrastructure and right people in place,” says Deepak.
Deepak dreamt big and put in his utmost to realize his dream. Deepak’s noble ideas centered round the ‘next big thing’ in terms of technology and that is none other than mobile phones as mobiles are the best way to reach the masses and the classes. The lack of standardization being the biggest problem for mobile solutions, Deepak developed a system called content adaptation system (CAS). It adjusts the content according to any handset model. The trio, Chetan Kumar, Deepak Rathore and Dheeraj Jain (the core team) is also planning to launch live video streaming on mobiles. Deepak and his team’s innovative solutions cater to various sectors like travel, entertainment, media, advertising, retail sector, etc. They have developed software to carry out online surveys on mobile phones. For travel industry, the solution offers search, plan, booking and hotel reservation system. When thoughts take a sudden flight of realism packed with inertia and will strong, excellence is bound to be achieved and that stood true for Deepak and his team. Their application also offered location specific solutions, an online newspaper, magazine, blogs etc for mobiles. All these are simple and efficient ways to get things done. The team is in the process of building a retail solution, which will soon be launched and this will offer customers a unique shopping experience as they will get information on their mobile phones on what they want in terms of the best deals and the products available when they go to a super market. The team aims is to build solutions that will satisfy the requirements of the market. The team also plans to launch an automated online education system in association with WWEAS to handle all the work flows in the education system and also plans to file a patent for this application. Deepak works on ideas. According to him sincere implementation of ideas result in value creation and the challenge it brings makes the job very exciting. It is a great learning process. Transformation in the contemporary world is extremely crucial to bring about a change that can sustain the unconventionality which is the very basis of the upcoming world. Individuals like Deepak do not restrain to flaunt their thoughts that bear in them the fire to bring about a beneficial change, a change that can transform the world.

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