‘How to reap the best’ | TIPS From Reso Reaper

Q1. What is required to get into IIT?
Ans. It requires confidence, lot of hard work and determination.
Q2. How much time did you devote on an average for your preparation? What was your daily time table? How did you divide your course in those hours of study?
Ans. I never did strictly abide any time table but on an average, I used to study for 7 hours daily excluding my coaching time. I generally gave priority to my homework first and then according to time used to revise my notes. But before Part Tests or Cumulative Tests, my priorities were changed and I always gave more emphasis to the revision of course than completing my homework.
Q3. What are the important topics for special attention?
Physics: Rotation and Electromagnetism
Mathematics: Calculus, Conics
Inorganic Chemistry: s,p,d blocks
Organic chemistry: POC, Functional groups, Aromaticity
Physical chemistry: kinetics, ionic equilibrium.
Q4. How does one cope up with the school syllabus and preparation for IIT-JEE? Did you take extra efforts to prepare for board examination?
Ans. According to me extra efforts for boards are not required. If the course of JEE is studied seriously with conviction then automatically board syllabus is covered. English may be a problem for many students but Resonance takes care by conducting classes of English in the month of December, so that part is also covered for boards.
Q5. How many questions should an individual attempt to get into IITs? How tough is the paper?
Ans. The number of questions to be attempted is not pre-defined but one must attempt as many questions as possible. It should always be kept in mind that if one is trapped in some particular question, one must not waste time solving that and beat about the bush. If stuck, then that particular question should be left to be attempted at the last as it sometimes happen that when one is caught with an idea, one cannot get a trick to solve it and so one must proceed ahead. Paper is not at all tough provided one has studied with concentration and then only any one can secure a good rank in IIT-JEE.
Q6. Give some tips for increasing one’s efficiency while studying? How did you refresh yourself from the hectic schedule?
Ans. The key word is focus. Focus should be maintained till the time one clears JEE. Focus and concentration are the pre-requisites to enable a balanced mind, free from distractions of any kind. Whenever one tends to deviate, one’s aim should be recalled and kept in thoughts and memory until and unless all the distractions and doubts melt away. About refreshing oneself, I think the best way is to play outdoor games, or to freak out with friends. But freaking must be defined and kept in limits.
Q7. What is your Success mantra? Give some advice to your successors at Resonance who are preparing for IIT-JEE?
Ans. Success demands concentration and continuous hard work. As a piece of advice, I would like to tell my juniors that they must try to work hard as much as they can and must also analyze their performance after every exam  and try to correct their mistakes because I think the papers are the most easiest way to learn and practice.
Q8. How did you evaluate your performance after each CT (cumulative Test), APT (AIEEE Preparatory Test) & JPT (JEE Preparatory Test) while preparing at Resonance?
Ans. After each test, I used to calculate my marks and then check from the solutions that why my answers were wrong and then I used to clear my concept there and then only. If one has doubt about any question’s solution then one must discuss doubt about that particular solution with friends and if further not clarified then it should be taken to the faculty concerned. Even after attaining good rank, one must not stop looking forward. One must always aim high and should try to surpass other competitors, who are comparatively ahead in performance.
Q9. What was your first reaction after giving the IIT-JEE examination? Which topic did you think should have been given more importance for the increase in your percentage or performance in JEE?
Ans I was very happy and pretty confident of a good rank but I think I could have procured a better rank if I would have concentrated more in Mathematics (Calculus, Matrices) and Physics (Modern Physics).
Q10. Whom do you wish to give the credit of your success? To what extent did your family contribute in your success?
Ans I thank immensely to God, Almighty first and then thank my family, my brother and sister and Resonance. Last but not least I give some credit to myself as well, as without my focus of cracking IIT-JEE; I couldn’t have actually cracked it.
Q11. Appearing for Open Test (OT) & Major Test (MT), did in some way help scaling your proficiency in different subjects for IIT-JEE?
Ans. These tests were very useful as they gave me a view as to where I stand in the whole gamut of IIT-JEE aspirants in the country. The standards of OT and MT were a bit higher than JEE but it helped me in improving the concept of a particular topic. And when a tougher level of questions is attempted in the breath taking atmosphere of examinations then they not only open one’s mind but also give him/her enormous confidence to take up JEE with poise.

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