A message of hope

Intellectuals can bring refinement with their ideas in the scheme of nature. An individual, who puts orderliness and tames his/her imagination for the goodness, is a real intellectual. Let your dreams and ideas be chased with meticulous conviction to convert them into reality for the new and a different world.
IIT-JEE will be held on April 11, 2010, unleashing the territory of learning, self realization, success, prestige and achievements of being testified on the anvil of one of the world’s toughest examination. Cracking JEE opens one’s way to enter the portals of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). These are the institutes of national importance and are very crucial for the growth and the development of our country. The rigorous curriculum followed at IITs brings out the best in the individual and grooms and cultivates the intellectual faculty so much so that an individual finds himself/herself completely revamped.
At Resonance 859 classroom students cracked IIT-JEE in the year 2009 in comparison to that of 612 students in the year 2008. A total of 1621 students (859 from the Classroom contact programmes and 762 from Distance learning programmes) were among 10035 IIT-JEE 2009 successful students, which implies that every 6th student selected in IITs is from Resonance. Our results have excelled all expectations. We strived hard to raise the bar close to the level of excellence. Our selections of Hindi medium students this year have witnessed 117.56% rise over the previous year. The best of All India Rank (AIR) in 2009 in Hindi medium from Resonance is 79 in general Category, with over all best rank of 9, achieved by Anvit Singh Tawar. This Reso Student also had the distinction of securing 156 out of 160 marks in Maths, three marks more than the first ranker thus becoming the highest scorer in Maths in JEE 2009. I am sure, these figures will become a source of motivation and hope for a splendid performance to all the students of Hindi and English medium batches.
The IIT-JEE aspirants must make sincere and serious efforts to see their future bright and colorful. I find some students are very intelligent but not as disciplined and systematized. They do not attempt their DPPs and Sheets seriously. Being regular in the classroom is not enough. Understanding what all is taught and given for practice should be religiously followed at home. ‘Passion, persistence and performance should only be the focus of students at this point of time. Continuous hard work concretizing the concepts in the coming months can make an IIT-JEE aspirant realize his dreams of being a student of Indian Institute of Technology.
All 12th appearing students should learn from the success of their predecessors at Resonance that they too would make good grades at the board exams  without compromising  JEE performance if they continued the revision systematically and sincerely as suggested by their teachers  keeping  unnecessary fears  of  their board results at bay. The successful students at JEE have had good board results so far.
I would also advise the 12th students to keep their Class notes, DPPs, Sheets well arranged and in order to find them in place for the revision as planned.  In case some students are not able to find them, they should manage them from their friends. A word of caution for those students who might fall prey to misleading advertisements to join individual subjects / topic specific classes or test series from outside. These temptations will hardly bring any benefit to you but waste your precious time. With the practice that you have got through the periodic tests at Resonance, you should well exceed the cutoff. IIT-JEE is not so difficult to crack if you do enough practice and maintain good confidence. I ask all my dear students to get ready to take IIT-JEE with stoic mind-set brimmed with poise relying on your own study material. You should work hardest possible of your life in the next three moths. In no case should one think to surrender.
You should also fill form for AIEEE. It is a good examination and is of national repute.
I also welcome new students in Resonance, as they will positively find in Resonance the required and conducive environment for cracking IIT-JEE. Their morale will unquestionably get boosted up as they will face enough and healthy competition which can be a great parameter to measure one’s performance. Our centres are also striving hard on exactly identical grounds and parameters as followed at Kota Centre.
Be ready to lead with ‘Practice, Persistence and Performance’ at Resonance maintaining faith and trust in the guidance of your faculty members at Resonance.
Best Wishes for IIT-JEE 2010.

R K Verma
B.Tech., IIT-Madras, 1994

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