Reso Seeds- Investment at Resonance pays rich dividends at Standard Chartered Bank, Chennai

Resonance Alumnus: 2003- 04, Batch: PB1
B.Tech.,IIT-Madras, (Mechanical Engineering) 08
Working as a Business Analyst,
Client Access (Channels)
Standard Chartered Bank, Chennai

Man essentially is perfect and therefore infinite are the possibilities that lie lurking in him. We must realize that we have within ourselves all resources, ability, energy and power for building up a supremely successful life for ourselves and for others in the world. There is one great and covetable gift which is distinctly ours at all times, and this is our profound capacity to discover, develop and usefully employ the Infinite Essence in us. Shikhar Pant’s victory of his dreams and ideas elucidates the unwinding of the Infinite essence within.
Shikhar Pant joined Resonance in the year 2002 in B1 batch. Life according to him was pretty smooth at Resonance.  He says that he used to love the classes especially of RKV sir, BKM sir and Ajay sir. Less academic pressure and regular solving of DPPs (Daily Practice Problems) religiously gave him enough confidence to crack IIT-JEE. After cracking IIT-JEE in the year 2004 with All India Rank (AIR) 758, Shikhar joined Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras and completed his B.Tech. in the year 2008 with Mechanical Engineering.
‘Design of Single Pressure Transducer Probe for 3D Flow Measurements’ was his under graduate thesis which opined the design of Single Pressure transducer Probe in place of commonly used Multi-hole probes. Later, he published his research paper on Single hole pressure transducer probe for 3D flow measurements in INCAST 2008(International Conference of Aeronautic Research and Technology) in Bangalore. He took his summer internship on ‘Mathematical Modeling for Vibration Isolation of Power train Mounts’ in Advanced Engineering Lab of RND, TVS Motors Company, Hosur, Karnataka.
His ebullient attitude always made him strive for the best and his quest did not end in simply donning the tag of an IITian, he further took certification in Business Analysis from the George Washington University School of Business. He successfully completed trainings on Basics of Banking; Payments & Collections; and Security Services. He also acquired SCB e-learning on Debt Securities, Equity Shares & Treasury Bills; Anti Money Laundering. Intermediate knowledge of R, MATLAB, SQL and Oracle, and proficiency in SAS, SPSS, Microsoft Excel, Project, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Access infused in him incredible confidence to accomplish his tasks and jobs with utmost skill and adeptness.
He took his first job in July 2008 in Standard Chartered Scope International (Chennai) and till date is handling his profile of Business Analyst, Client Access (Channels), Wholesale Banking (WB) with techie alacrity and fine managerial acumen. His team caters to the products related to four key areas of Standard Chartered Bank’s Wholesale Banking business and they are Cash, Trade, Securities and Foreign Exchange. Shikhar has been a part of million dollar projects and voraciously involved in Research and Development.
Shikhar undertook ‘Research on Web’. ROW is a research publication, distribution and monitoring system designed to exploit the high quality research produced by Standard Chartered Wholesale banking and to allow improved efficiency within the research team, wherein he, frequently interacted with Global research team and SCB Compliance team to bring out the exact requirements and understand the functionality to provide a high level business requirement document. He acted as a bridge between the business users, interacting systems and the technology design, development & testing teams.
Also a part of WB, Web Content Management, he prepared Business requirement and Functional specification documents for IWD (Internet Web Designs) upgrades. Also he frequently interacted with UK based vendor for application knowledge transfer & production system support.
He also handled the responsibility of Volume forecasts and capacity planning for icas reporting framework. This involved detailed mathematical analysis for all clients, all reports in all formats in different time zones. He optimized the report generation schedule for minimal load on the servers.
Shikhar conducted impact analysis for projects related to broker-dealer community and virtual accounts where prodigious number of accounts and transactions were involved.
A persona with irrefutable genius has too many accolades sewed to his name as he Scored All India Rank 83 in Science Olympiad in the year 2001; was awarded CBSE Merit Certificate for excellent performance in class X board Examination with 95.6 percentage; was awarded NTSE scholarship (National Talent Search Examination) in 2002 and finally obtained All Indian rank (AIR) 758 in JEE 2004 among more than 150,000 students who took IIT-JEE examination.
Toady also he does not hesitate to give credit to Resonance for developing in him a focus and bringing out, a Shikhar who can truly stand by his name. Today also Shikhar feels delighted to take up different and varied challenges as he feels that the key to progress and succeed is to break the rigid and the predictable and to explore the latent and the unpredictable which alone can lead to the new and the out of box which is certainly beneficial to the country at large.

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