Alumnus of IIT-Kanpur adds colors to Academic Ambience at Resonance

Kshitij Sharma (KJS)
AIR- 2225
Rank in RPET -8th

Q.1 What inspired you for Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs)? Would you like to share your experience while preparing for IIT-JEE at Kota?
Ans. ‘Become Doctors or Engineers’ was the buzz, when I cleared my boards of class X. But I always wanted to do something different and never wanted to align myself with the ordinary. My thoughts and dreams always wanted me to do something extraordinary and good for the nation as well.
Initially, I was unaware of IITs and its entrance test (IIT-JEE) and so was everyone in my family and near around. It was only after coming to Kota at my relative’s place that I could learn about this prestigious institution of scientific importance. I came to know that around 1.5 lac students, all from the upper strata of the toppers used to sit and still cut-off in Physics and Math (Mains) ranged in 10-14 out of 100. Initially this very thought of cracking JEE became jittery but my thoughts motivated me to go for extraordinarily different. With my strong will and determination, while studying for IIT-JEE at Resonance, I proved my merit by getting awarded for excellence in Physics in the Annual Function of Resonance in the year 2003.

Q.2 What sort of qualities one must possess to get into IITs?
Ans. There are many colors of talent gifted to human brain by GOD, if one possesses any one of them in brighter shades then one can color the sky in his/her own hues.
Analytical & sharp mind, strong curiosity & affinity for science, very strong foundation of education from the beginning and determination to work hard till the achievement of excellence are some of the key factors for entering the gateway of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). But the master key remains nothing other than Concentration (a pre-requisite during lectures in the classes). According to me a blend of all the above qualities is required, concentration being at the apex.

Q.3 What is the distinguishing factor of IIT-Kanpur that makes it different from other IITs?
Ans: IIT-Kanpur is indeed different from other IITs. Most of the other IITs are more or less similar. The biggest difference between IIT-Kanpur and other IITs is that of the study pattern and grading scale. Every course is significant and includes technology oriented to the latest topical developments happening around. The courses unfold gradual advancements till date and so they are vast and enormous. Most of the IITs have engineering core courses from 2nd semester but in IIT-Kanpur only 1 course in 3rd semester and 2 courses in 4th semester are from the specialized branches and rest all courses are common for every branch.

Q.4 Throw some light on your best moments pertaining to studies at IIT-Kanpur.
Ans. The very ambience of IITs during the orientation programme made me nervy and jumpy but also at the same time infused in me the sense of responsibility as our director made us realize that IIT-K has 1.5 times of syllabus and academic load in every course in comparison to any other IITs, so one has to from the very beginning carry the responsibility of maintaining the high standards intact otherwise the course of study of an individual for a particular tenure at IIT- K may take a volte-face. Other memorable moments were like the successful completion of the project of national importance and being a part of some of the important projects like manufacturing and launching of India`s first nano satellite ‘Jugnu’, Chandrayan II `s lunar rover, ambitious project of Indian railway on safety by tracking the moving trains by installing GPS called SIMRAN. Studying under the guidance of some of the eminent professors who were conferred upon India’s highest awards in Science and technology made me feel proud, elevated and happy from within. I still remember me scoring good grades in my courses for which I was appreciated by professors and one of them being Prof. H.C. Verma. Another memorable moment for me is when I got Second Prize for my Core course project work in manufacturing process in II year in my entire batch of IIT-Kanpur.

Q.5 What suggestions or words of wisdom will you like to give to the students preparing for IIT-JEE at Resonance to increase their productivity?
Ans. I sincerely suggest to all my students of Resonance to inculcate in them high levels of concentration further through which intellectual properties can be developed. I would like to exemplify it by a small example. Consider a batsman in international cricket match, facing a fast bowler. He keeps eyes on the shining side of the ball which bowler tries to hide till the last moment & is exposed to batsman just for fractions of second, to beat the reverse swing. Then the direction of flow of hand to guess the line, palm and shoulder efforts of bowler to guess the length of the delivery, while keeping the position of fielders in mind. All these efforts to be done in just fractions of second and for every ball require enormous levels of concentration and focus. Now you can estimate the intensity of the batsman’s concentration. If my students can cultivate same intensity of concentration while receiving lectures in class throughout the duration of 1:30 hours and on the board work by the respective faculty member then certainly my students can become and achieve what it needs to be an IITian.

Mr. Kshitij Sharma is a Physics faculty at Resonance.

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