Resonance-Premier coaching institute for IIT JEE


For this 35 year old IITian, success has come quicker than most. His sagacious sense has made the dream come true for many aspiring IITians.Riding towards success, this prodigy has come a long way – coming from a remote village to pioneering himself into a successful educationist and trotting towards the zenith of success. Mr. R.K. Verma, a visionary, initiated his journey at a small town lad unlike others. Not many would have visualized that this lad from a small town near Kota would emerge as a leading educationist.

He did his basic schooling from a village nearly seventy kilometers away from Kota city. After completing his middle education, he rode 10 km daily to Ramganj Mandi, A town better known for its stones, on cycle, to pursue his further education from Class IX onwards. He was totally ignorant about what IIT is till then. “I came to know about IIT, when I was in Class X, through my friend who gave me grandeur view of IIT” says Mr. Verma.

Mr.R.K.Verma,Chairman, Resonance

From that point, Mr. Verma gathered more information about IIT, more books, more study materials and previous years solved exam papers and tasted success at IIT-JEE (in Hindi Medium). He appeared in the IIT-JEE and in the very first attempt got through IITJEE and entered IIT Madras.

After passing out from IIT Madras in 1994 he joined B.H.E.L. While working in B.H.E.L. he was selected in I.A.S. – Preliminary at first attempt. He left B.H.E.L. to prepare for I.A.S.-Mains. When he could not find himself successful at I.A.S.-Mains, he joined a reputed institute of Kota, as a Physics Lecturer and worked there for 6 years (1995-2001).

“I and teaching are made for each other” is what he feels. He wanted to create a learning atmosphere. He also wanted to blend all his skills and knowledge for the upliftment of his fellow town folks. For this, he quit the coaching institute and sowed the seeds of his vision – Resonance.

“I had nothing except self-confidence at that juncture. I had to face the challenges from the big-giants in the field of education with big infrastructure. I had made up my mind that Resonance should be the leader in Education, particularly at IIT-JEE. This was the need of the hour” adds Mr. R.K. Verma.

Today Resonance boasts of 5276 selections in the IIT-JEE in last eight years (from its start in 2001 to 2009).It has the presence in the major cities of country i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal, Lucknow, Kolkata, Nagpur, Jaipur and Udaipur (Study Centres) and Chandigarh, Indore, Ranchi and Patna (Information Centers).

With the system performing successfully, it becomes a challenge to expand and at the same time maintain good academic standards for which Resonance is known for in IIT-JEE field. It started organizing rigorous training program, to select and produce the faculties having mastery over their subjects. “The encouraging factor was that our teaching methodology allured talents and geniuses to join hands with us” says Mr. Verma.

His vision can be best summed up when he reflects, “Think of IITJEE – Think of Resonance”. “Diligence and discipline are two watch words I live by and these help me in fulfilling all my priorities, career-wise and otherwise”.

Coming from an obscure town to becoming the top educationist in the field of education, enabling students from all part of the country to realize their dreams of IIT, Mr. R.K. Verma has indeed come a long way.

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