Resonance has a pan India presence

Resonance has a pan India presence

Till one decade ago, Kota situated in the state of Rajasthan was known as a Railway junction between Delhi – Mumbai route. But at present it has established its reputation as an education hub. The name of Kota is now not only confined to Indians but also the people abroad know about it .Kota has emerged as one of the most promising city for aspirants of Engineering and Medical colleges for preparing for entrance tests. What started as a source of survival against the odds at a time when Industrial city was going through a rough phase has today become a case study for all on positive attitude and fighting spirit. Although the beginning was very humble, the institutes grew in numbers and have today brought Kota on national map. Besides the pioneers, a new generation of the institutes has also emerged and has made their presence felt at the national level. Promoted by the visionary and dynamic entrepreneurs, these institutes have emerged as Centres of Excellence in education.
Hundreds and thousands of top class engineers and doctors, who are working in top notch companies, in India and abroad, have cleared their pre-engineering and pre-medical test from Kota. The number of selections to IIT-JEE and pre-medical exams is increasing year by year. Every year the flow of students coming to Kota for coaching purposes is increasing phenomenally. More than 50,000 students are coming to Kota every year to seek admission in these reputed institutions. A parallel industry which supports this kind of influx of students is already in place, so a student doesn’t have to worry about accommodation, food or transportation.
Resonance -a premier coaching institute for IIT-JEE has been guiding the students to achieve their dream of being an IITian since 2001.The uncompromising preparation for beginners at Resonance for IIT-JEE is noteworthy. Overwhelming response from the students who showed interest and faith in the quality of education provided by our highly qualified and experienced faculties have helped us to serve the society better.
“In the words of Mr.R.K.Verma(Chairman——Resonance, Kota, Rajasthan) ——– “IIT” – a dream every Science-Maths student wants to accomplish. When you aspire to attain greater heights in your life you ought to have few characteristics like self confidence, right attitude for achieving the goal and determination dedication to excel in your desired ambition. Apart from having inherent talent and “never say die” attitude, one needs to get the proper guidance to reach the pinnacle of success.
We at Resonance believe that we need to develop strong moral values and ethics along-with the subject knowledge among the students which will make them a responsible citizen of our country. Resonance has always taken an opportunity of having a pleasure of rewarding high performers and acknowledging their merits. Aspirants who have exhibited applaud able performance in their previous examinations are accredited through the scholarships being given by Resonance.”

Mr.R.K.Verma, Chairman, Resonance
With the Head Office situated at Kota(Rajasthan),Resonance has a pan India presence in Jaipur, Bhopal, Delhi, Mumbai ,Kolkata, Lucknow, Udaipur and Nagpur (Study Centres) and Indore, Patna, Ranchi and Chandigarh (Information Centres).
Total 1621 students (744 from Kota,48 from Jaipur,18 from Bhopal,19 from Delhi,13 from Lucknow,2 from Kolkata,10 from Mumbai and 5 from Nagpur from Yearlong Classroom Programmes – YCCP) and 762 from Distance Learning Programme were selected in IIT-JEE’2009.The achievement of the institute is through producing number of success stories at various National & International competitive examinations. Selection of 5276 students in IIT-JEE (3345 from Yearlong Classroom Contact Programme & 1931 from Distance Learning Programmes),366 students in NTSE,8 students in Olympiads since the beginning clearly depicts strong Faculty support and academic environment at Resonance.
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